Japanese Language Journey is a newly-opened language education business in Cebu. JLJ's main purpose is to provide you with the opportunity to work in Japan. It is for our students to learn the Japanese language necessary for living. Moreover, even if you do not want to get a job in Japan, you can still apply a job that requires Japanese language skills in the Philippines. Also, as you take lessons you will naturally be able to understand and read Japanese Manga, and you will be able to watch Japanese Anime or even sing without subtitles.


  Japanese Language Journey is following the latest textbook and study techniques set from the standard of The Japan Foundation. JLJ also provides convenience of taking the lessons. Morning, Afternoon and Evening classes are offered where students can freely choose their permanent schedule for the whole semester.

  For those who are aiming to study Japanese to be qualified to work in Japan, this is your opportunity! We can help you connect with the employers and look for a job that suits you. We will always do our best to provide you a quality learning experience.


Let ’s start the future with JLJ!


Let's start the future from here. 


By providing Japanese-Language education, we will change the lives of local people into a "rich and dreamy future."


To become a Japanese-Language education Institution that continues to be supported and loved across generations.


JLJ promises that:

・We will do our best to support our students as they study hard by 

encouraging each other like a family.

・We will continue to provide unprecedented services and make  learners feel happy and satisfied.

・We encourage employees to improve themselves and provide

opportunities for growth.

・We will collaborate with partner companies to promote innovative

management that opens up the era.

・We will contribute to the development of local communities through social contribution activities.



~ With a sense of mission ~
  This photo was taken at Ayala Mall in Cebu, Philippines last August 2017. I was happy that I was able to finish studying English and took pictures with the local kids. During our time together, I found out that they couldn't attend elementary school for financial reasons and the situation will be repeated when these children become parents.

      In Japanese society, the high school enrollment rate is 98.8% and the university enrollment rate is 54.4% (FY2020 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Basic School Survey), which is high. After graduation, Japanese can easily get a job as a full-time employee. We can also get married, have a family, get a mortgage, buy a car, save money and plan your life. Furthermore, it can be assumed that a similar life can be achieved in the next generation of children.

        “Why is it so difficult to walk in life just because they were born in a different place?"

I was aware of the unequal reality, I felt that my heart was torn and at that time, I vividly remembered my strong determination that I should definitely change this situation.

It has been almost five years since that encounter with the local kids in Cebu. I was inspired and decided to open a Japanese-Language institution. The purpose is to teach Filipinos the Japanese language and provide them with a chance to change their lives.

      Our company aims to help Japanese language learners become proficient in the language and aim to pass the N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in two years. If you can acquire N2, you will have more freedom to choose your profession not only in the Philippines but also in Japan. Depending in your area of expertise, for example, as an English teacher or engineer, you will be able to earn the same income as the Japanese people. Moreover, like them you will have the opportunity to be promoted and have the right to receive equal benefits.
Learning Japanese is not easy. However, please take it firmly in your chest.

  “There is a world that can only be seen by those who have studied hard”

Grab a better life with us.
As a professional group that teaches Japanese, we will always do our best to support your growth.


Japanese Language Journey Inc.
President Toshiyuki Ohno

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Japanese  Language Journey Inc.


Toshiyuki Ohno

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Foreign Language Education


January 25, 2022


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